Bingo caller number jokes

bingo caller number jokes

Anne Summers Bingo (no longer running) introduced some more.
Snakes alive - gagnants millionnaire française des jeux All casino canada bonus sans depot the fives - Double nickels - Give us fives - Bunch of fives.
Dearie me - I'm free - Debbie McGee - You and me - Goodness me - One little flea - Cup of tea - Monkey on the tree.The third night the wife comes home with a brand new convertible sports car and she says: Can you believe it, I managed to win once again at bingo, can you please run me a bath?See below for some nickname explanations.So what is it that makes a funny bingo call?The price of the marrige licence, seven shillings and six pence.The funny bingo calls you use in the village bingo down the pub are not the same ones you can use at the Womens Institute Coffee Morning!Man alive - Jack's alive - One little snake.She takes off her clothes, goes to the bathroom and she sees that there is only 1 inch of water in the bathtub and asks her husband why there is so little water.Or two and six.39 The famous steps; all the steps : From the 1935 Hitchcock film 59 The Brighton Line : The London-Brighton service was.Apparently, A meal for two with a terrible view isnt the best way to announce number 69!8 One fat lady : Resembles the two halves of a large lady.Halfway house - Halfway there - Cowboy's friend - Colt (USA).
Remember that no list is definitive and some nicknames may not make sense.