Bingo pembroke ontario

This hand-colored private postcard of casino pin vert aubagne horaires the pulp and paper mills probably dates to about 1907, although it bears an interesting cancel for the 1914 Stratford, Ontario Old Boy Re-Union, which was an Old Home Week similar to that held in North Bay in 1925.
Prieur, one of whose bottles is seen above?
1920s rppc (right) shows a steam engine crossing on the railroad bridge at Sturgeon Falls.
The image was photographed by LeBel, who is known to have worked in Sturgeon Falls between 19An equally interesting.Ditchburn Boat Manufacturing Company Limited, Gravenhurst;.Another Sturgeon Falls business was.Interestingly, a private postcard, published between 19postmarked in 1906 at both Powassan and Sturgeon Falls, shows the hotel with a more ornate and undated cupola, from which an unidentified flag flies.What appears to be a mail hook is at the far end of the station, for passing trains to grab mail bags.Interestingly, the hospital was named for a Jesuit missionary,.The title of this.Where was the dairy?Real-photo postcard seen below shows the Spanish River Pulp and Paper Mills in greater detail.Are seen in the divided-back postcard at top left.(1900-1907 which also sold fancy goods; Jacob Collins, known to have photographed Sturgeon Falls between 19; and.Another very early view, this private postcard from, shows the substantial three-story brick Michaud Lévesque clothing store on King., which was founded in 1887.
Anthony Lavelle of Pembroke from a lady named Maud in Sturgeon Falls, is a finely rendered view of the mill published by Phillips Wrinch.
Don Cockburn bought it in 1926 and, after the hotel was sold.