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Government and our international partners have an unprecedented opportunity to make the world and ourselves stronger and safer through our commitment to closer cooperation on global health issues.
With such threats in mind, we are in Helsinki for the first meeting on the worlds Global Health Security Agenda, a partnership sultats loto of the United States government and more than 30 international partners to accelerate progress toward a world safe and secure from infectious disease.
CDC and DoD share a core mission: strengthening our national and health security.We also closely coordinate with the World Health Organization, whose director general,.The views expressed are their own.During the 2003 sars outbreak, only eight people in the.S.Working together when appropriate will encourage the best use of our resources to improve the health security of other nations and, by extension, that of the United States.This test, which costs about a dollar to produce and can diagnose plague in 20 minutes, is already in clinical trials in rural Africa.By, tom Frieden and, andy Weber, Special to CNN, editors note: Tom Frieden ( @DrFriedenCDC ) is director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.We are also coordinating efforts to build and link global networks to improve real-time disease tracking.Stopping outbreaks where they start is the most effective and least expensive way to save lives here at home as well as abroad.They pose substantial risks to our civilian workers and military personnel around the world, and detract from our ability to help respond when crises arise.Helping other countries protect their own people also means greater security for Americans.Over the next 5 years, this initiative will enable partner countries to strengthen their ability to prevent, detect, and effectively respond to infectious disease threats and better protect at least 4 billion more people.A new pandemic could kill millions and cost trillions.And the world now face a perfect storm of disease threats.Its also the right thing.The DoD and CDC work together in broad areas to improve global health security, including laboratory science and safety such as field diagnostics such as the plague test, strengthen capacities of nations that lack resources to effectively manage infectious disease threats, and establish effective emergency.After all, we have learned that new, dangerous, and highly mobile microbes whether created by nature or by intention can weaken baccarat kristallen wijnglazen a robust nation and devastate less-prepared countries. .