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Important themes for Gensler land, sky and sea return in this concept and are expanded with the themes sun, rain and wind.
The roof is covered with PV film, which converts light into electricity.
Sea : The traditionally crafted main supporting structure refers to the Netherlands shipbuilding heritage.Sky : The wooden construction forming the roof is visible in the heart of the building and forms a sculptural starry sky at night.In this way, the building is inextricably connected to the site.Land : The building rises from a landscape in which the parking areas atlantic city airport casinos form the petals of the flower.Sun, rain and wind : Rainwater is collected in the calyx of the flower-shaped roof for the grey-water system of the building.The flower-shaped lighting sculptures in the parking areas not only catch the sun, but also the wind, providing fresh air and ventilation for the building.The interior concept was developed together with interior designer firm Gensler, from Las Vegas.The boundaries of the parking areas flow from the smooth lines of the building.Slot machine printer tickets.Texas holdem poker online.Texas holdem poker deluxe mobile9.#1 You Can Play Poker On A Mac.
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