Ci card samsung para que sirve

Connecting the "CI or CI Card" via common roulette casino voisin interface slot.
turn the TV off to connect or disconnect a "CI or CI Card".
Connector-card slot;64P,0.5MM, SMD-A,AU,.When the configuration of channel information has finished, the message "Updating Completed" is displayed, indicating the channel list is updated.The pairing information containing a telephone number, the "CI or CI card" ID, the Host ID, and other information will be displayed in about 23 minutes." 2 CI card slots are available, depending on the model.Card" may cause damage.If an error message is displayed, please contact your service provider.Connect the "CI or CI Card" to the common interface slot as shown in the image below.If you have a problem, please contact Samsung.If you don't insert the "CI or CI card some channels will display the "Scrambled Signal" message.When TV product display the "Scrambled Signal it may happen due to.3 Version inconsistency.insert the "CI or CI card" in the direction marked on the card.UE22F5400AK, UE22F5410AK, UE32F4500AK, UE32F4510AK, UE32F5300AK, UE32F5500AK, UE32F6200AK, UE32F6330AK, UE32F6400AK, UE32F6800AB, UE32H6200AK, UE32H6350AK, UE39F5300AK, UE39F5500AK, UE40F6100AK, UE40F6200AK, UE40F6330AK, UE40F6400AK, UE40F6500AB, UE40F6650AB, UE40F6800AB, UE40F7000AT, UE40F8000AT, UE40H6200AK, UE40H7000AT, UE42F5300AK, UE42F5500AK, UE46F5300AK, UE46F5500AK, UE46F6200AK, UE46F6330AK, UE46F6400AK, UE46F6500AB, UE46F6650AB, UE46F6800AB, UE46F7000AT, UE46F8000AT, UE46F8500AT, UE48H6200AK, UE48H6500AT, UE50F5500AK, UE50F6200AK, slotracing 124 UE50F6330AK, UE50F6400AK, UE50F6500AB.Samsung TV follow up.3 must obtain a "CI or CI card" from a local cable service provider.when removing the "CI or CI card carefully pull it out with your hands since dropping the "CI.Using the "CI or CI Card to watch paid channels, machines a sous 5 rouleaux gratuit gratuites the "CI or CI card" must be inserted.To watch paid channels, the "CI or CI card " must be inserted.
Samsung TV follow up.3 standard.
When TV product display the "Scrambled Signal.