Cool stick and poke tattoo designs

Via Tumblr, stick and gain loterie imposable quebec poke tattoos can have fairly clean lines.
Via Tumblr, this is what it looks like when you add dashes of colours.
Go for a tiny pencil, hammer, or even a musical instrument.This one is for the artsy types, as it's a little bit more abstract.Via Flickr Who says stick and poke's can't do clean lines?They're fun on their own, but would also be great to fill in spots on a sleeve.We've ALL experienced this moment likely, more than once.Bath time with your fresh stick and pokes.It takes the right person to do the job well.Though stick and pokes can be done.Ears deserve stick and poke love, too.Tattly Scented Temporary Tattoos Are Trending for Summer Years of Tattoos: Follow Rosemary on, instagram and, twitter.DIY tattoos or, handpoke Tattoos, are homemade tattoos made by manually poking the skin.You don't want to end up like this guy!In any case, it's beautiful.Via Tumblr, not bad!It reminds you of youth and how chill it used.via Tumblr, can't believe it's all stick and poke.This one reminds.
This simple, clean flower makes a fresh statement.
Via Tumblr, this is what happens when you decide to 'poke' around with a needle on yourself.