Cut the rope experiments poki

cut the rope experiments poki

Leroy Stitch 143 Purple Clog Mentioned in "Skip" when Reuben said, "That one whose hair is always clogging the sink." Designed to clog up drains with his hair, as Reuben implied.
Leroy Stitch 310 Fritzabrain Designed to make your brain fritz out.
Seen in Proud Family buddy episode.
Leroy Stitch 076 Bath Matt Designed to be a bathmat.Käytä näppäimistöä, hiirtä tai kosketusnäyttöä ohjataksesi palikoita, sankareita loto ce dimanche dans le 62 ja kilpureita!Stitch, inspired by, hawaii 's terminology, refers to the other experiments as his "cousins" and casino petit piquey considers them all a part of his ohana, or "extended family".Leroy Stitch 382 1-Imp Designed to control your attitude.Leroy Stitch 313 Red Thinktank Seen in pod form in Stitch!Leroy Stitch 498 Floods Designed to jump in water, until there is a flood.Hämsterviel used a cloning machine to create an army, then sent the original Leroy down to Earth to capture the 624 experiments remaining there.Designed to zap a pink ray from his horns that changes anyone's appearance into something ridiculous.224 601 Blue Kixx A large, purple, muscular, beastly, Tasmanian Devil-like creature with bulky legs and torso, four strong arms with three fingers on each paw, a blue oval spot on each elbow, short ears, hardly any neck, a wide mouth, a round nose, and.Leroy Stitch 131 Poik Designed to slap you three times.Leroy Stitch 013 Furry Designed to make people grow more hair.Designed to drill holes through planets.
Designed to enter a sleeping person's head and turn dreams into nightmares.
His one true place is at the airport, making grouchy business tous les sites de poker people enjoy their vacation.