Eagle brand poke cake

Refrigerate for an hour.
Note: Recipe updated 5/30/17 so that the loto 50 50 coop iga orange mixture poured over the cake is a bit less thick.Ingredients 1 box yellow cake mix ingredients needed to make cake: eggs, oil water.4 oz packages instant banana pudding loto du samedi 11 février 4 cups milk 1 8 oz tub frozen whipped topping (cool whip) thawed 20 vanilla wafers crushed, instructions, prepare cake mix according to package.Then, with a wooden spoon handle, begin poking holes in the cake. .It also comes in Chocolate for a limited time only.Pour the mixture over the cake and allow it to soak into the holes while the cake cools.Add nuts and chocolate chips on top.Pour pudding over cake. .When you open the can, you will need to give it a good stir because the cream part tends to separate from the liquid.It was a beautiful day too nice and warm.I wanted to creamsicles are definitely a fave but I did get to taste it and it was delicious!I wanted something extra special that would also travel well.Just mix the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, combine them, then add some water.Recipe Notes, if you like you can toast your coconut first.Its all normal and makes one amazing cake.Who can resist caramel dripping down the side of your chocolate cake!

Add the milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, eggs and orange zest to a medium sized bowl and combine.
Click below to order either the Kitchenaid Mixer or 13 x 9 Wilton Baking Pan on Amazon (affiliate I baked mine for about 35 minutes.
Seriously, Heather could win the award for biggest fan of Banana Puddingif there was such a thing.