Good winrate poker

good winrate poker

The problem is that the way loto samedi 24 mars 2017 most people try to estimate their winrates is fundamentally wrong.
Any winrate above 0 is good.Related Reading: Last Word: Mental mistakes are murder for your win rate.However, jeux roulette casino telechargement I know that youre not going to be satisfied with a very general answer like that.3 bb/100 12 per 100 hands at each table.Who knows, but if you want to progress as a poker player you have to eliminate that part of your game.Related Reading: 4) Making -EV Plays Against your Best Judgment.If you're a, sNG player and want to find out about "winrates" for tournament games, read my article on poker ROI.And we winter festival namur poker 2018 will be left with our hourly winrate.The most commonly used winrate in tracking programs and on forums for no limit Holdem these days is bb/100.When you bluff you have to be representing a hand.If you combine that with playing too long when stuck you have yourself an epidemic. .6 bb/100.50 (6 x 25c) per 100 hands at each table.A winrate greater than 0 is good.
When you're losing and trying to get even, your game obviously suffers.
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