How to do a stick and poke with india ink

This should be done about 1/4" in from the edge, or at whatever length you want your stitches.
Photo D: This photo shows that your thread has been changed and you are on your way again.
Pull the thread all the way through, but don't pull it tight yet.
Released June 23, 2014, stick and Poke is: Alison Soldink: Guitar, vocals, lauren Boyko: Ukulele, vocals.Photo C: To complete the stitch that you have left loose, slide your needle underneath the loose stitch you left, and pull your stitch tight into place.This should be about 1/4" over from where the thread first came up, and about 1/4" up from the edge.Banjo on Poison - Sam Pike.Photo B: Now poke your needle down at the top of the first stitch you made.Pull the thread all the way through, but do not pull it tight yet.Start between the two layers and poke your needle down through the bottom layer.Photo D: Pull the thread tight, as shown in this photo.Lauren: I would like to thank Alison Soldink for endless reasons, my wonderful parents for supporting me without question, Jenny Chen for listening and understanding the insanity that is my mind, Melissa Rebelo for creating a safe, amazingly awesome space for me to flourish.Poke has several relatives within English.Now sac transport a roulette you know how to do blanket stitch when sewing one layer.Then pull it tight to complete the knot.Sewing In From The Edge 4).Photo E: This photo shows several stitches, and how the loop should be underneath with the thread coming out over the top.This gets your thread anchored, but it is not a true first stitch.

Photo B: To get the stitch anchored, poke your needle up from the back again, so that the needle comes out the top at the same spot where you started, creating a loop around the edge.
Photo B: To complete your first stitch, poke your needle from the back to the front 3 in photo B).
Photo C: Send your needle under the loop stitch you just made.