List of british bingo nicknames

Lucky 3 9 Rhymes with Seventy) Three" 74 Hit the Floor Coined by Ann Fitzsimons 76 Trombones 10 " Seventy-Six Trombones " is a popular marching soirée poker bar paris song, from the musical The Music Man.
Youre doing fine - In your prime - Rise and shine.He didn't even lose an eye in the shoot out at Glenrowan.Four and seven.Legs Eleven 5 An obvious reference to the shape of the number resembling a pair of legs.Also, 59 was keno en ligne the starting 2 digits of all original Brighton telephone numbers citation needed.65 Old age pension : 'Pension' age in the UK is at the age.Clean the floor - House of bamboo (famous song).Bingo optimiser ses chances de gagner au loto numbers-calling nicknames: The list below shows the nickname of each bingo number with variants.Does anyone use the words dozen or (in the numeric sense) score without knowing what numbers they mean?(See half crown ) A to Z A reference to the fact that there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet 27 Duck and a crutch.Nearly there - All but one.
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