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In addition, osha has determined that it is appropriate to require the marking of counterweights with their weights because that information is needed for the proper design, selection and installation of counterweights.
5a-19) commented that its members would not support reducing "the minimum rung width from 11 1/2 inches to * * * eight inches." They added that practical usage indicates that 11 1/2 - inch ladder rungs are appropriate.
This provision was suggested by niosh and other commenters on Issue.
This would be inconsistent with good safety practice and with subpart M of this part (Fall protection which requires that openings in walls or pokefast map se other vertical surfaces not exceed 30 inches in height unless a guardrail is installed.The term is the same as the term defined in Subpart X of Part 1926, Ladders and Stairways.Platforms may be coated periodically with wood preservatives, fire-retardant finishes, and slip-resistant finishes, but the coating may not obscure the top or bottom wood surfaces.Osha notes that several drawings in ansi A10.8-1988 which depict the proper rigging of suspension scaffolds show three wire rope clips on the suspension ropes.Final rule paragraph (f 16) provides that platform units shall not deflect more than 1/60 of the span when loaded.34-9, 34-10, 34-12, and 34-17) recommended the following:.2-24) termed the "suggestion that cranes, forklifts, and other equipment could not be used as platform supports" as "totally unrealistic." The commenter provided some alternatives and examples (e.g., long ladders) describing them as involving the use of generally dangerous equipment.However, the Agency notes that the use of a ladder or fall protection equipment would require a significant degree of scaffold stability, which may not be present in an incomplete scaffold.5a-3 and 13) supported focusing resultat loto mercredi 5 avril 2018 attention on the safeguards necessary to address problems associated with power lines, stating that the proposed language to require maintaining a safe distance from power lines or de-energizing the lines to protect employees from the lines was warranted.R TC later added (Ex.2-465) stated that this equipment should be designed by a competent person "who is thoroughly familiar with the hazards involved." That commenter also stated that suspended scaffolds are the most feasible and safest methods to use for work on smoke stacks, towers, and water tanks.The Agency is not acting on these suggestions because it has determined that the provisions of final rule paragraph 1926.451(f 7 ) requiring a competent person to supervise and direct any movement of a scaffold, and the requirements of 1926.452(w which specifically address the movement.
Because objects falling from scaffolds may injure employees working below, final rule paragraph (h 2) requires employers to protect affected employees from that hazard and sets forth several alternative means by which employers can provide the required protection.
Osha has revised the terms "mechanically powered" and "manually powered" hoists to read "power operated hoists and manually operated hoists because the Agency has determined that the language should be consistent with ansi A10.8-1988, paragraph.