Lotos mig 140 aluminum welding

lotos mig 140 aluminum welding

Another chinese product Chinese welders Not rated yet I do not own one however, freddytk421 on Youtube has a FEW good chinese welder vids posted on Youtube.
As always thanks for the site.Tony Go work in China You got that?It seems that the Econotig had that problem.I work real hard for my money and don't Kemppi welders Not rated yet After having tried out some Chinese, American and other welding machines i have gotten stuck on using machines from a company called Kemppi.Just set it up tonite and hopefully do some practice tomorrow.For those who need it, it saves you a bit of money on purchasing separately, and its quite convenient.Case in point: Would you Jeremy Warren Not rated yet Hey Jody.Mobilty Equipment Design, longevity-Inc 200DX TIG Runner I have been researching ordre poker mains Chinese AC/DC TIG welders for about a year, I finally decided on Longevity-Inc 200DX AC/DC Pulse.Its got plasma, stick, TIG AC/DC, and pulsing features all in one unit.Some of the better units can do most anything that a brand name welder like Miller or Lincoln can do and at a fraction of the ke less than half.If so, youre in luck when it comes to duty cycles.Being flux cored your alacrity with a continuous flow of gas from the bottle and steamy condition extinct.
Why - because every time you buy something that is anything other than the best Everlast powertig 250EX Man o man.