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Hoshino, Katsura (August 4, 2017).
When drawing him, Hoshino pays more attention to his forelock, finding it easy to.
Schley, Matt (April 27, 2015).
Minor characters edit Mana Walker edit Mana Walker Mana Wk ) is Allen's adoptive father, a traveling clown. .He is voiced by Jason Liebrecht in English.He is voiced by Brad Hawkins in English.Although he often complains about dr roullet nice Komui's behavior, Reever still admires him.A b "Trump Picks Oklahoma Congressman To Head nasa".Retrieved November 25, 2016.When invoked, their weapon usually appears as a human body part, but is actually composed of a different cellular structure.110 Thanasis Karavasilis from Manga Tokyo stated that while many fans of the series were bothered by the new actors, he did not mind the change in the main cast's voices.Anything, anywhere for just R50.101 Carlo Santos of Anime News Network was not as positive, believing that the story was kept from its full potential due to "generic character designs".Kenta Miyake (in Japanese)."ay-man Hallow Series Review".8 :40 Allen Walker, the main character from the series, is also based from the previous series's protagonist, who is a girl, but Hoshino changed some of his characteristics to make him look more masculine.Clan of Noah, a group of thirteen super-humans who can destroy Innocence and claim to be the true "Apostles of God." Both groups quickly begin searching for the Great Heart, the most powerful Innocence that can strengthen or destroy all the others, to bring.7 In Timcanpy's case, his design is based on the silver accessory brand Timcanpi.

Critical reception to these characters has also been positive, with writers praising most of the cast members as well as development.
In recent chapters, it is suggested that the sentinent Innocence, Apocryphos, was involved in Cross's disappearance.