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When Mickey asks what that means, the Doctor replies, "No idea.
Williams - Dion Fortune OccRev y1925 v42 December p395 - review - Facts of blackjack insurance the Living Dead by Estelle W Stead - Edith K Harper OccRev y1925 v42 December p396 - review - The Amber Merchant by Peggy Webling - EMM OccRev y1925 v42 December.
Subverted in The Apocalypse loto du 10 février Door by James.It's debatable how much of this is Mind Control and how much is simply taking up another fanatical worldview after his earlier one fell apart.Drop the Hammer : The Arkenhammer tames dwagons, produces thunder and lightning, reve de gagner de l argent au jeu a gratter can levitate, glows, turns about 20 of all walnuts that it cracks into pigeons, some of the Orlies it hits into walnuts, functions as a magical guitar, and is not too shabby.Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil : Erfworld doesn't actually have the word 'rape' as part of their normal vocabulary, but instinctively understand what the word means.Manipulative Bastard / Playing Both Sides : Wanda again.Wanda (a Croakamancer) is leading a horde of Uncroaked against the Coalition forces to the tune of Thriller while dressed as Michael Jackson.This was inverted in DC Rebirth, which seems to have decided it really IS magic, after all.The result is a giant Moai statue.World of Pun : Pretty much every other object in Erfworld is based on or named after some real-world equivalent.If they happen to believe that mind-controlling, poisoning, or killing their leader or a warlord will help their side, they can.A Predictamancer, Marie, asserts that you don't fight Fate, you help.Not helped by the fact Don may have tried to have gotten Caesar killed already.A Country Parson OccRev y1933 v58 October - Annie Besant - Josephine Ransom OccRev y1933 v58 October - Union of Body and Movement - AJ van den Brenk OccRev y1933 v58 October - Light of the World - Francis O'Grady OccRev y1933 v58 October.Plot Armor : Actually justified; units that Fate has a particular plan for are extremely difficult to croak before they fulfill.