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Phelps is used to competing in a pursuit only open to people who train seven days a week for most of circus casino et sport their lives.
The democratic nature of this game means anyone can enter.
At capacity, it can seat 4,000 people.Phelps, who had a much larger stack, opened action with a bet to 10,300 causing Massey to fold (face up).An amateur poker enthusiast (with, admittedly, a ton of cash he sits among some of the world's greatest poker players in a 10,000 buy-in poker tournament known around he world as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.Photographers walked backward, boom mics glided through the air, and heads turned as 18-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps crossed the garish carpet looking for his seat among nearly 600 other poker players.Back in 2013, Phelps played in the 10k buy-in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and was eliminated on day two by Eddy Sabat.Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging).As one of the world's most well-known sports celebrities, it's hard for him to go anywhere without some sort of minor disguise.There are a couple of people in the room here who might be able to relate to that, but for most everybody else, making it to the final table could result in life-changing money.Today, he took it upon himself to help Phelps navigate the maze of poker tables and find his assigned seat.It must be said, for a man who has spent his entire life swimming in a straight line, there is some entertainment value in watching Phelps stroll without direction between tables full of people who haven't yet discovered who.Instead of calling, Phelps re-raised Massey.4k, which Massey called.Michael Phelpss 13th Individual Gold Breaks an Ancient Record.Six months ago, the one-time magician won a tournament that cost 1 million to enter.Phelps, with Ace-Queen, raises to 2,500 preflop, but Aaron Massey was holding Ace-King suited and raised Phelps to 6,600.The degree of Phelps everyman-ness as he sits here today simply can't be overstated.Rumors swirled that he would show up here at the PCA to play, but no one was sure the Olympic legend would arrive until late last night when he poked his head in the door to watch the end loto lundi 28 mai 2018 of the 100,000 buy-in Super High.Six months ago in London, everybody wanted a piece of him.It's not a level playing field, but it's a lot more fair than anybody here trying to race Phelps in the pool.
Michael Phelps way).
A more relaxed Phelps in action at the PCA.