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You can wait on a thread to make sure that it has finished.
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See also Thread Support in Qt, QThreadStorage, QMutex, QSemaphore, QWaitCondition, Mandelbrot Example, Semaphores Example, and Wait Conditions Example.However, doing so is dangerous and discouraged.Some are listed here, but we recommend the.Constant Value Description QThread:IdlePriority 0 scheduled only when no other threads are running.QObject, protected Functions int exec virtual casino blu en ligne void run 7 protected functions inherited from, qObject, static Protected Members, additional Inherited Members 1 property inherited from, qObject.Cpp: void Bluetooth:deviceSelected qStringList comPort; comPort qDebug (0 /Create COM port object to be used with QSerialPort by providing COM port in text.You can use setStackSize to set a custom stack size.Threads can be terminated while modifying data.QThread will notifiy you via a signal when the thread is started finished and terminated or you can use isFinished and isRunning to query the state of the thread.H: #ifndef serial_H #define serial_H #include QObject #include QSerialPort class Serial : public QObject, q_object public: explicit Serial(QSerialPort *serialPort signals: void connected void couldNotConnect void portSettingsFailed public slots: void connectToPort private: QSerialPort *serialPort; ; #endif / serial_H.Note, however, that it is not possible to use any widget classes in the thread.This function will return false if the wait timed out.Detailed Description, the QThread class provides platform-independent threads.Instead, the termination is deferred until termination is enabled.Void QThread:setTerminationEnabled numeros de bingo para imprimir ( bool enabled true ) static protected Enables or disables termination of the current thread based on the enabled parameter.todo: Notify user that COM port is already open and that he should close it and try again.Uint QThread:stackSize const Returns the maximum stack size for the thread (if set with setStackSize otherwise returns zero.See also quit and QEventLoop.
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