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Between 20e was artistic director for Virgin Galactic, in ona poke wiedikon charge of the project for liberating and democratising spatial tourism.
Every creation carries an under-lying message, a denunciation.Eve Menz - specialises in the design and manufacture of luxury bespoke chandeliers.As with all his projects, his ambition for truthfulness led him to this dialogue with Gilles Vanderpooten, whod initiated the project.Starck invites this familiar luxury to celebrate a harmonious life at ATrego (2011) on the banks of the Mediterranean, and the Monegasque border.Passers-by can see it all happening through the windows.Always different, his scenarios provide a link with those who hotel roulette portaventura avis create the soul of a place, by respecting an approach intimately articulated around subversion, humour, creativity and poetry (among others).Finally with the Boxinbox collection for Glas Italia, Starck rethinks the metonymic relationship between the museum and the art work, by proposing transparent glass furniture such as the Museum of museums, that is both showcase and art object.This metaphysical experience between the visible and the invisible, materiality and immateriality is an escape to extraordinary worlds, searching for this Space Between.This emblematic venue in the Bay of Arcachon, a landscape so dear to Philippe Starck, will rediscover its life and panache of former times in summer 2016.A genuine canadian lotto winners who lost it all bacaro, an Italian pause in the Parisian effervescence, an authentic and welcoming Venetian café, run by the Alajmo brothers, masters of La Serenissima cooking, it invites us, in the words of Philippe Starck, on a journey back in time, history, culture and incites.Im carried along by a major theme: the adventure of our human species, governed mainly by intelligence.Many technicians go for more; we have chosen to go for less.Wherever you go you can feel the humanity of Sam and my craziness, explains Philippe Starck, artistic director of the entire hotel chain.

Reinventing Mobility In anticipation of the major mutations of the modern world, Philippe Starck reinvents mobility by combining technological miracles with an ecological approach.
Boats The marine environment is another source of inspiration.
He stuck firmly to his beliefs about invisibility and dematerialisation, The architecture is almost invisible, he explains, You only notice it when you look a second time.