Planpoker slack

Using Team O'clock you can not lose track of time, because you're constantly reminded to focus.
Preparation, setup and facilitation are for Team O'clock to manage.
Help your team improve via retrospective meetings.Pricing, try all features on Free Trial and switch later to the plan that better fits your needs.Last but not least.Focus on the strenghts of your team, lifting facilitation and time management from you.Your team can relax and talk about the important stuff.A framework for clarity positive thinking.Are you using, slack?Vote and see results directly.Try demo meeting, read more about the retrospective, daily standup: Happy teams are aligned teams.People report to the team, team O'clock is the meeting facilitator, so all team members are equal and report to their colleagues.Let Team O'clock guide your team in a loto 6 1180 flow to make everyone more engaged and open to share.Try demo meeting, read more about the standup meeting.Follow up on any decisions, take notifications and reminders of meeting notes in your tool of preference after the standup is done.Login for free, plan re-action with data to improve teams continuously!Achieve efficient and productive meetings, removing any wasted time.Read more about the, slack integration, take action to achieve daily team happiness.
Force a short and focused report meeting.

Move fast with Planning poker sessions.
The whole setup is prompting your team to take decisions for action and follow up with updates.