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16 Manchurian candidate hypothesis edit Another conspiracy theory relates to a Manchurian candidate hypothesis, that Sirhan was psychologically programmed by persons unknown to commit the murder, that he was not aware of his poke a dot books video actions at the time and that his mind was "wiped" in the.1, such theories have also centered on a woman wearing a polka-dot dress claiming responsibility for the crime, and the involvement of the.(2007) 'Analysis of "The Pruszynski Tape (report on recording of gunshots).3 Other witnesses said that as Sirhan approached, Kennedy was turning to his left shaking hands, facing north and so exposing his right side.Three bullets hit Kennedy; two stayed in his body and another tore through his arm.Many of these theories were examined during an investigation ordered by the.Federal Bureau of Investigation, which investigated on the Senate's behalf.Traditional color combinations for cheap polka dot dresses were black dots on a white background, white dots on a black background, white on navy blue, navy blue on white, bilete loto md white on red, and red on white.30 After O'Sullivan published his book, assassination researchers Jefferson Morley and David Talbot discovered that Campbell had died of a heart attack bingo chances castlegar in 1962, six years before the assassination.This was not his full-time job; during the day he worked as a maintenance plumber at the Lockheed Aircraft plant in Burbank, a job that required security clearance from the Department of Defense.Nun, du hast Glück, denn hier sind sie.Federal Bureau of Investigation.Sirhan Sirhan, who remains incarcerated for the crime.He also said he got knocked down after the first shot and was unable to fire his gun.The woman in a polka-dot dress edit Some of the witnesses stated that they observed a woman in a polka-dot dress in various locations throughout the Ambassador Hotel before and after the assassination.15 Moldea wrote that Cesar submitted years later to a polygraph examination performed by Edward Gelb, former president and executive director of the American Polygraph Association, in which Cesar denied any involvement in the assassination, and passed with flying colors.18 Sirhan claimed then, and has continued to claim, to have no memory of the assassination or its aftermath.
Eduard Simson-Kallas after 35 hours of work with Sirhan in San Quentin prison in 1969.