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Poké (Po-Keh) /poke/ verb, hawaiian to slice or dice, a classic Hawaiian dish of cubed, marinated fish.
We also have our range of Japanese loose leaf green teas from deep steamed Sencha to cherry blossom Kukicha.
Tuna avocado poké at Granger.The meal starts with a base, such as their 'forbidden black rice' (traditionally poké is served on white rice, but they wanted a tastier and healthier alternative kelp noodles or wakame salad, which they pair with ahi tuna in a tropical coconut sauce, salmon in a shoyu sauce or for the.Tombo, which is also in Kensington, specialises in tea so expect to see lots on offer, as well as Tombo matcha lattes, and matcha brownies, cakes, sundaes and matcha soft-serve.Traditionally the local fisherman would haul in their catch, dice it up, season it and eat on the spot.Being London's first matcha bar we're on a mission to spread the word of this wonderfully versatile super green tea.We work closely with our purveyors to ensure we are providing the freshest local vegetables fruits.The Poké Bowl is a modern approach to this concept and normally includes a base of rice or slaw topped with seaweeds, fruit salsas, pickles and garnishes.For both its health benefits and umami rich taste.Our fish is responsibly-sourced sustainably caught.London s innovative spirit we knew we needed to introduce.For more top nosh, check out our best restaurants, cafés and gastropubs.Pronounced 'poh-keh this summery, Japanese-inspired Hawaiian dish of raw fish marinated in soy and sesame and mixed with rice as a salad is essentially a step up from sushi and ceviche.Haven't heard of poké yet?They pride themselves on their vibrant poké bowls with fresh, vibrant salads and glorious locally sourced fish.Where possible we source recyclable, bio-degradable compostable plastic wear.Soho has got a poké menu serving salmon, tuna, prawn, kimchee, avocado and edamame served over sushi rice, courgette noodles or black and white rice.Huge in LA poker patrick bruel youtube and New York, it has now hit British shores with even Pret getting in on the act, so here's where you can get your hands on it this weekend.
Island Poké is committed to bringing you those authentic flavours, fresh from the shores of Hawaii to the streets of London.
Ahi Poké was born in 2016 after a trip to California.