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April 7, 1979, Tehran prime minister of Iran (1965-77).
May 27, 2017 South Korean diplomat.
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With the comment gagner au loto rise of Li Yuanhong, he was appointed finance minister of the Hubei military government.July 14, 1821, Tromsø, Norway -.July 2, 1903, London, England -.Soon afterward, on May 8, allegations of rape became public; Rosemarie Annie Jarmyn, who had recently committed suicide, had alleged that Hollingworth had raped her at a church holiday camp in the 1960s.March 27 March 15,.S., 1819, Belgrade, Serbia -.Hussein Hussein, Nur Hassan (Somali Nuur Xasan Xuseen, Arabic Nur Hasan Husayn byname Nur Adde (Somali Nuur Adde) (b.Hoover's animus toward radicals of every kind led him captain cooks casino sign up bonus to aggressively investigate both the Ku Klux Klan and Martin Luther King,., and other black activists in the 1960s.11, 1888, Kokemäki, Finland -.He was elected a member of Congress as a Democrat from Tennessee (1823-27 then served as governor.Houben, Frank (Johannes Maria) (b.Her distinguished legislative career included several committee chairmanships and leadership positions, including a term as majority whip and two comment jouer au loto par internet terms as speaker of the house from 1989 to 1992.Despite his high standing in the Democratic Party, which claimed to be opposed to Communism, Phat joined the Viet Minh, the united front guerrilla organization headed by Ho Chi Minh, as the only group constituting an effective resistance against the French.
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Hrawi, Khalil (Georges also spelled Hraoui, Arabic Khalil al-Hirawi (b.