Poke your nose into something meaning

If someone pokes or sticks their nose into something, they interfere in something that does not concern them.
In the interview with Sir Allan, I _ any questions relating to the court case.Ive decided resultat loto max du 25 o8 2017 Im going to try my heart at DIY and redecorate my room.I dont want to poke my nose into your business.It is rarely used elsewhere.Have an axe to grind, if someone has an axe to grind, they have particular attitudes about something, often because they think they have been treated badly or because they want to get an advantage.Poke your nose into something or stick your nose into something.If you have an axe to grind, you have certain attitudes that are based on personal experience.If something is not your cup of star casino anderlecht tea, you do feel very interested or enthusiastic about.Come to our jeux d'alcool carte 2 joueur arts and crafts evening and try your _ at something different.To poke one's nose into things/matters.Ive been 1 very busy for the last few months.

A  hearts  b  ears  c  noses The rebuilding of the church organ was a real labour.
To intrude in the affairs.
Whet someones appetite If something whets your appetite for a particular thing, it makes you want.