Pokemon red pokeball glitch

remember that old man in Viridian City who wouldn't let you pass because he's a grumpy old fart who hasn't yet had his lotto zenith v running shoes fill of coffee?
On Route 8, comment gagner a plague inc stand in front of the door of the Underground Path.
Defeat his Slowpoke, and fly to Lavendar Town.The person with the good Pokemon should shut off his Gameboy instantly at this time.Choose one of your Pokemon and fly to Cerulean City.Walk one step foward towards the Gambler, and press the Start button immediately.If his surprise post-capture attack doesn't scare the living hell out of you and you throw another Poke Ball at it you'll catch a Ditto.DO NOT fight the following trainers: The Youngster with a Slowpoke (Level jeton magique casino barriere 17) on the road to Bill's house (Route 25).EC is literally an invisible specter whose data normally corresponds.And now you are, too.151 of these slots are legitimate Pokemon, about 40 of them are MissingNo, and a few dozen are trainer data.Have HM 02 - Fly taught to one of your Pokemon.The Start button won't work for a while.Glitches in future generation, pokemon games are called "MissingNo" even though they're completely different entities; it's a glitch that became the name for every other.If it sounds like a bad idea you're absolutely correct but curious people do it anyways, and that's how "EC" was discovered.Here's the tutorial by, i_Kissed_Cereal once again, click on each image at the bottom of the gallery, from left to right, to see each individual step.Every attack will be Explosion.Glitches can be like drugs and after a while freebasing MissingNo just isn't enough to get you high; that's when you OD and this happens: Vuvuzela wants to fight!First thing's first: your opponent.It was patched by the time the Japanese Blue was released, and is not present in the North American release of the game.Masterball Trick, here's a good cheat to let you use Pokeballs as Masterballs: Throw out a Pokeball at a Pokemon.Unknown to him, the old man also holds the keys to unlocking MissingNo which come to think of it might be the reason he seems so disturbed and angry at the world in the first place.

But, heythat's the trade-off you get for fully leveling a Pokemon, a glitch you can pull off before you even reach the first gym.
The music crashes and turns to a single sound channel while the screams of tortured souls come through as pure static in another.
You have become OLD MAN.