Poker quiz questions and answers

Man bracelet baccarat so insomnight Ray How were Roger McGough, Mike McGear and John Gorman collectively known?
Catch 22 In which surface pro 4 card reader slot novel does the character Quebec Bagnet appear?
Gulliver's Travels In which ocean are the Azores?
Nitrogen Name Mary Quant's shop which revolutionised fashion in the 1960s?Waistcoat Called chequers in America, what's the name of this game in Britain?Four How many phases of the moon are there in a lunar month?1970 In which 1954 battle did the Vietminh defeat the French and end their influence in Indochina?Carbon Cold meat and cold potatoes can produce what dish?Her nice new clothes What did Lovejoy deal in?Long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault In Australia, what animal is a jumbuck?Yellow Joseph Levitch is better known as who?Cabriolet jerome arnould poker Californian and Stellar's are types of what?The Rolling Stones Bright's disease affects which organs of the body?Mitchell In 'EastEnders' who is Kathy Mitchell's son by Pete Beale?The year's happiest newlywed couple Tom Thumb, Tennis Ball and Winter Density are all types of what?Chesapeake Bay Retriever What breed originated in the 1850s when a greyhound was mated with an Irish wolfhound?The Dragon On the London Underground, on which line is Knightsbridge station?James II The names of British racehorses are limited to how many letters?A mess of pottage In the book title, who did writer Laurie Lee have cider with?Charlie Drake How is Cherilyn La Pier better known?Vitamin B1 Besides Hadrian, which Roman emperor had a wall built across Britain?