Quad slots

Allthough I was more into sony v-fet gear I am now a Quad fan aswell.
Since I wanted to be able to fly the full trimmer range during normal flying, I was looking for a way to compensate for this left turn tendency.
You have a fantastic amp set in hands, but they need a bit of work (not much) to bring them to the 21st century.
Since I did the initial soldering of the brush wires, I'v had to go back in and re-solder them on roue porte garage coulissante several occasions over the course of the first 80 hours of flying time.(Once a catch container is in place, opening the reservoir cap allows the coolant to flow out freely.I think that's the way with youngsters these days - I may have to think seriously about selling my stuff too.I am willing to look up for offers on quad monoblocs.Above is a recent 2017 photo of Skycruiser's skymax quad with the Polini thor 250 engine; info, photo, and price from their website as of November 2nd 2017.Engine weight 18 Kg (19kg with electric starter) without radiator: 43# without radiator, 54# complete installation.Sole owner, purchased in 1977.Below: open back of the meter module; I installed mine in a plastic box along with a push-on, push-off switch and a 9 volt battery.Tech note: The minimum recommended operating temperature for this engine is at a water temp of 130 degrees.This photo below shows the result.I was a bit challenged with the sensor lead lengths being short from the PPG Meter on the control panel back to the Engine's location on this PPG Quad installation- the EGT probe wire just barely made it!Your heart will be pumping as you fly thru the turns.The most recent updates and modifications are at the bottom of this page.
Inspecting replacing this E-clip after every 50 hours of flight time might be a good plan.
The photo below shows the result of this modification.

The PPGmeterI had installed malfunctioned after about 38 hours of service, going into a constant error mesage flashing mode which could not be reset; this made it unusable.
I have put in a lot of time smoothing ground and picking up loose surface rocks to minimize the possibility of a rock getting kicked up into the prop, but it does happen.
I had also read about ordered some blue MAX 100:1 ratio mix oil from RPE.