Stand pat poker

After getting a hand of 20, the player stood pat.
See also: pat, stand stand pat ( especially American English ) refuse to change your gagner de l'argent avec l'anglais mind about a decision you have made or an opinion you have: There has been a lot of controversy poke bowl downtown phoenix over the new proposals, but the government is standing pat.
Usually, when a player knocks and stands pat, he will have a strong hand.
See also: pat, stand stand pat mainly american, if someone stands pat, they refuse to change something or they refuse to change their mind about something.1, verb edit stand pat ( third-person singular simple present stands pat, present participle standing pat, simple past and past participle stood pat ) ( poker ) To play one's hand without drawing any more cards.( intransitive, blackjack) To stop hitting.English edit, etymology edit, probably originally a poker phrase, with "pat" equaling "optimal jeux machine a sous gratuite avec bonus 900 meaning that drawing more cards is unnecessary.The coach is standing pat, even in the face of so much criticism.When a player attempts to bet his way through the hand by standing pat without a decent completed hand, it is called a snow job.2012, "Asia's Local Growth Dilemma Wall Street Journal, by Alex Frangos, 21st of July: China has cut rates and allowed banks to boost lending, while some countries, such as South Korea have stood pat, fearful that inflation pressures could reignite.Sometimes a player will change how many cards they draw if they suspect from the action that an opponent is either exceptionally weak or exceptionally strong.We're going to stand pat on this amendment to the bylaws.Chiefly North American, in the card games poker and blackjack, standing pat involves retaining your hand as dealt, without drawing other cards.In this situation, when it is that players turn to draw, he can opt instead to take no cards.Obviously, it is more dangerous to draw against an opponent who has a strong completed hand than it is to draw against an opponent who is also drawing.
"Stand pat" was actively used.S.
Usage: Im Standing Pat, Stood Pat Before The Draw, Ill Stay Pat.

High interest rates are considered the cause of the problem, but the German Bundesbank today said it's standing pat.
When a player stands pat it is often an indication to the other players that a reasonably strong completed low hand has been made.
It is highly likely that your opponent will need one or both of these cards in order to complete a reasonably good low hand.