Stop poker addiction

Would be nice to hear that from someone who has experience with drug addition rather than people who have been sober there entire life and can't really put themselves in others shoes.
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It is not uncommon for serious gambling addicts to lose the roof over their heads, which obviously affects not just them but also their family.
I don't bet sports or play in the pit i just play poker.We are comment gagner tour de france le jeu all blessed to do this for a living(those who are full time) and you can't really complain to much even when things aren't working out at the tables.If you are a new poker player and have previous experiences with addiction I do not recommend playing poker or gambling online.While few studies have focused specifically on online poker addiction, there is plenty of evidence demonstrating the danger of any type of gambling addiction.How Online Poker Is Different Than Regular Poker.If youre worried about a loved ones excessive gambling, consult an addiction treatment center.I've already seen a bunch of posts where guys have said "well i hear greg merson does." or "greg merson says." about the OP: i think that as poker players mature, a lot of them try to optimize quality of life (think: maximizing EV).Online poker addictions are becoming more prevalent in todays society of the poker boomers.Try finding something else that takes away from the urge to play.Free-Play Modes Prime Players For Addiction.This is what will keep you off.It keeps my mind off playing and lets me be competitive with other poker sites at the same time.However, one night in feb last year i relapsed under the influence of alcohol with cocaine.My usage quickly went from 15mg a day to 150mg within a couple weeks.In years past, gambling took place in a social environment: a retiree took a church-sponsored casino trip, or a group of friends gathered in a basement for weekly poker.
I checked myself into rehab august 8th 2007 with my drug of choice being cocaine as well as being a huge pot head.
After last summer i moved to canada and tried to stop everything on my own only to fail miserably and eventually progress my addiction even further into roxy's.