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6, drivers race on the apron at Chicagoland Speedway (the area between the white and yellow lines).
"How to be an armchair racer News Bike Expert".
Yellow chequer A term derived when the final lap(s) in a race is completed during a full course yellow while the field is under the control of the Safety Car.The clay circuits that do not maintain a minimum percentage of moisture on the track surface will cause the clay to dry out.Scrub Also known as the Bubba Scrub; a jump technique in motocross in which the rider transfer cashing in old casino chips their weight to the bike sideways at the face of the jump for a lower trajectory which decreases time spent in the air.The mechanism artificially assists overtaking with additional benefit of overcoming Dirty Air issues while following cars closely.Some series intentionally do not allow any activity on the circuit until after noon on Sunday.Retrieved "Traffic Calming 101".That is, creating an area of low pressure (suction) under the car and/or under the wing(s) or other aids fixed to the car, the higher pressure above forcing the tires harder loto etoy 4 novembre 2017 to the ground, effectively increasing the static friction.Now banned in Formula One for cost-cutting reasons, though teams in many other major racing series have a spare car available at the track.Crate motors are sometimes mandated and sometimes optional.Often used to increase the entertainment value of a race, mainly used when a category races several times over the course of a meeting.(See "Sticker tires Sector A section of one complete lap of the circuit used for timing purposes.Retrieved Error Archived at the Wayback Machine.Team orders The practice of one driver allowing another from the same team or manufacturer to gain a higher finish at the direction of the team management.Retrieved "65th season of the United Racing Company is quickly approaching".

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ERS Energy Recovery System.
On road courses, a dogleg may be present on a long straightaway (e.g.